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Forensic Coding Systems

There are a number of forensic coding products available on the market including Intruder Sprays that use a unique DNA to link an item or intruder to a crime scene. 

Intruder sprays use a water based solution, containing a unique DNA, to cover an intruder as they are leaving the premises.  The spray systems are usually armed using a hold-up alarm or by a confirmed activation of the intruder alarm.  Once the system is armed, it will spray the intruder when they are detected under the spray head, which is usually located at the exit door.  The intruders get sprayed with a harmless solution that is invisible to the human eye, however the smallest of traces glow under UV light.  The spray remains detectable on skin, hair and clothing for up to 6 months

Every systems has its own unique DNA, so that if a person is found with any traces of solution on them, the solution can be traced back to a specific premises, placing the offender at the scene of the crime.

For this reason, and due to the fact that criminals are aware of the strength of DNA technology, the warning signs provided with the systems act as a very strong deterrent, and help safeguard premises from robbery, burglary and theft.

To find out more about forensic coding products available

Recommended suppliers: 

Selecta DNA - www.selectadna.co.uk

SelectaDNA Intruder Spray Leaflet

Smartwater - www.smartwater.com


Intelligent Personal Attack Alarms




People working in the Jewellery Trade will find the above sites of interest. Recently a client of GJIS Limited recommended their services because it made him feel more secure whilst going about his his day to day business. The added comfort and security of knowing that he had a guardian angel watching over him and ability to summon help discreetly if required.

Skyguard offer ability for users to activate a personal safety device. An alarm is sent (via mobile phone technology) to their professional controllers at their 24/7 purpose-built Incident Management Centre. As a registered user with a profile that is known to them they will know who you are immediately if you activate the device. Because your device is GPS enabled, they will also know exactly where you are and to be in a position to listen, (they can also talk to you to advise and reassure if it is safe to do so), evaluate and react.

They say that the careful selection of their controllers, their experience, and the endless training they undergo now comes into action and will enable them to assess the situation quickly and expertly. They will then take action based on their assessment. Their decision will be in keeping with your instructions (detailed by you when you signed up for their service): they can summon and guide the relevant emergency service to you, back them up with their own, trained National Response Service personnel if required, or contact anyone designated by you.

They can also record what's happening remotely - vital should the incident go to litigation.

You can download their literature from their website or from our own Document Library by using the following links:


Skyguard Brochure

Service Overview Flyer

Skyguard Service with MOBILE

Skygaurd Service with SKYGAURD 500

Skygaurd Service with GEMShield


Ram raid Security

If you do not have natural obstacles such as street furniture, trees, boundary walls etc. then you should consider anti-ram raid bollards or reinforced stall risers




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