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Marine Cargo Insurance 

Insurance of Valuables - Imports & Exports

Jewellery of all types be it diamonds, pearls, coloured stones, watches, gold or silver are imported from all over the World. Changes in manufacturing practices has created a number of interesting challenges!

War, strikes, or civil commotion and the outbreak of disease can interrupt the best laid plans and transport arrangements.

In order to meet these changes and provide importers and manufacturers of jewellery with a policy tailored to their exact requirements we can arrange a marine policy for you and "dovetail" it to compliment your jeweller's policy.

Marine Insurance provides insurance for the transportation of goods by air, sea, rail or road although it is more usual for valuables to be transported by air.

For those policyholders now shipping products all around the World, be they traditional exports and imports or goods outward for manufacture and return, a policy dedicated to this form of insurance is a fundamental.

You can insure loss or damage to your exports or imports on a policy specifically designed to accommodate the hazards of worldwide transits. For example:

  • Proper and adequate cover is arranged (e.g., war risks included)
  • Competitive premium rates. Reduce the number of agents involved in the transaction.
  • Purchase your imports at the keenest "ex-works" price
  • Your point of contact in the event of a claim will be local, thus reducing potential frustrations and administration costs.
  • Peace of mind – knowing your policy cover is one of the widest forms available in the market with a financially sound insurer.

There may be other hidden benefits to using a specialist marine insurer:

  •  Greater spread in risk is achieved to cover these unfamiliar territories
  • Expert advice and guidance is available from the specialist insurers who provide a comprehensive overview and assistance
  • Due to their huge involvement in the transit business specialist/transit insurers are less likely to act in "knee jerk" fashion when faced with claims, because of their familiarity with losses of this type. Thus you have opportunity to spread the risk and therefore a greater chance of maintaining cover with carriers and couriers of all types.

GJIS can arrange Marine Policies in UK and Ireland for the Trade.

If you wish to provide cover for transits throughout the World please contact us for a quotation. 


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